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Cylinder Filling Manifold system Supplier, Installer

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Gas Manifold Systems: High Pressure Solutions for High Gas Consumption

Lambodar Global Engineering Pvt Ltd. is a leading supplier of laboratory gas handling equipment. We believe our strength is in design, fabrication, installation and validation of high purity gas and chemical delivery systems. Our products are used in a wide range of industries, including the semi-conductor, pharmaceutical, medical and research sectors. We procure the necessary materials from most credit worthy and renowned vendors in the industry. We have a team of well experienced and skilled workers who are always diligent in performing their duties. With the assistance of futuristic and ultra modern facilities at our unit we are able to supply best quality gas manifolds and other associated products to our clients.

When it comes to managing high gas consumption, a gas cylinder manifold is an efficient and reliable solution. This robust structure is meticulously designed to interconnect two or more cylinders to a common gas supply line. The purpose of this interconnection is to ensure the availability of a greater gas volume at source, particularly when the gas consumption is high.

The manifold system operates at high pressure but, to ensure safe and efficient operations, this pressure can be reduced to an operable level through a pressure regulator. These regulators can be attached to two manifolds, creating a system capable of changing over between the manifolds. This changeover can occur either manually or automatically, switching the gas supply from one bank of cylinders to the other without any interruption to the continuity of the supply. This ensures a steady, reliable gas supply under all conditions.

Each gas cylinder manifold system comprises several components, including a control panel, manifold racks, tailpipes, an isolation valve and a pressure relief valve. The control panel allows for easy and efficient management of the system, while the manifold racks hold the cylinders securely. The tailpipes connect the cylinders to the system, the isolation valve controls the gas flow, and the pressure relief valve ensures safety by releasing excess pressure.

Lambodar is a trusted supplier of custom made gas specific manifold systems, designed to cater to all types of applications. Our solutions are tailored to your specific requirements, providing efficient and reliable management of high pressure gas supplies. Regardless of the complexity of your gas supply needs, our manifold systems offer the flexibility, safety and reliability necessary to ensure uninterrupted gas supply.

Gas Cylinder Manifold systems serve as an effective solution for situations where high gas consumption is a factor. They not only offer a safe and efficient means of managing high pressure gas, but also ensure a consistent gas supply to meet varying demand needs.

Cylinder Filling Manifolds
  • Linear and Vertical Overhead designs.
  • Manifolds for Filling Oxygen, Helium, Argon, Gas Mixes, Hydrogen.
  • 300 bar Filling pressure. 450 bar hydraulic test pressure.
  • Highest safety with Oxygen gas.
  • For Medical Oxygen
Technical Features
  • For Single gas & Gas Mixtures Filling
  • Gravimetric Filling for high precision gas mixes
  • Manual and Fully automatic designs available
  • High pressure Bronze material master valves
  • Vacuum pumps for Oxygen/ Inert gas use
  • Design customized as per the customer’s filling station
  • Pneumatically adjustable height of Filling Head
  • Blast protection cage for operators safety (in case of a hose failure)
  • ASME/ PED standard high pressure safety valves
  • Galvanized frame and structure – Long life without corrosion
  • Digital pressure displays