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At Lambodar Global Engineering, we take care and provide all the services related to Purification Filter, Gas Purification Panel, Manifold System, Gas Cylinder Trolley, Pipe Fitting Accessories, Industrial Bottle & Cylinder, LPG Bottling Plants, Gas Cabinets Installation Services and maintenance of these systems. We strive to provide best quality products services to our esteemed clients, so that they remain satisfied and sustain with us for a prolonged period of time. We have the habit of conducting periodic feedbacks at regular intervals so that, if there are any chances for improvement in our working culture, we implement the same by informing our clients. The assistance we get from our skilled staff is precious for us to earn a good reputation in the industry.

Gas cabinets are safety devices used to store and control gas cylinders, often used in industries like semiconductor manufacturing. They're designed to securely contain hazardous gases, prevent leakage, and protect the surrounding environment from potential exposure. A good gas cabinet would have robust construction, fire-resistant materials, and proper ventilation.

The features of gas cabinets can vary greatly, but a couple of them can be as follows, secure cylinder clamping, automatic shut-off valves, alarm systems for leak detection, ventilation fans, and pressure regulators. Some advanced models may also have remote control interfaces, allowing for easier and safer operation.

Advantages of Gas Cabinets
  • They enhance safety by containing potential leaks, thereby reducing the risk of fire, explosion, or toxic exposure.
  • They facilitate better organization and storage of gas cylinders, thus saving space and improving efficiency.
  • They allow for better control and monitoring of gas usage, which can lead to cost savings.

As for choosing a supplier for gas cabinets, several factors should be considered. These might include the supplier's experience and reputation, the quality and safety features of their products, their after-sales service and support, and whether their offerings align with your specific needs and budget. It would be crucial to research and compare various suppliers before making a decision.

The gas cylinder cabinets supplied by us are crafted to segregate dangerous gas cylinders safely and economically from the general workspace. These cabinets, built from 11-gauge steel, surpass regulation standards and can securely house 1-4 regular sized gas cylinders. We also provide cabinets for semiconductor grade gases, procured from globally recognized expert manufacturers, tailored to your needs.

The cabinets come equipped with several safety enhancements such as a spacious exhaust outlet, an opening door panel with flaps for consistent air circulation and an inbuilt sprinkler system that triggers during a fire. The flexible cylinder brackets can accommodate various cylinder sizes and the detachable rear panel allows for the installation of gas delivery systems and components.