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Sampling Bomb Manufacturer, Supplier

We, designed the Sampling cooler/bom as per exact industry standards and guidelines, the gas sampling bottles are available in different sizes and specifications. Sample Cooler has been designed to cater to meet sampling requirement of today's highly efficient high-pressure power plants. These coolers are compact yet more effective in terms of heat extraction capacity.

Very close approach temperatures with minimal cooling water requirement. It's very compact compared with the service it is put to. Facilitates routine on-site maintenance easy. Coils can be cleaned in-place.

Based on the requirement of our customers, we have developed an Economical Model of Gas Purification Panel. This is especially useful for customers who have Gas Chromatographic set-up.

Gas sampling bottles that are specially designed to collect and store high pressure gas samples from the field & transport the same to laboratories. Superior in quality, these bottles pass through rigorous quality control tests and inspections to ensure maximum integrity and cleaning process for effective corrosion resistance.