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Orbital Welding Supplier

OPH Series orbital welding machine is designed for TIG welding on tube to tube, pipe to pipe and pipe fittings and is suitable for carbon, stainless steel and alloy material. Economical, easy-to-use, sturdy weld heads designed for precision orbital welding.

Lambodar Global Engineering Pvt Ltd is the leader in orbital welding for tube for pipe fittings and is suitable for carbon, stainless steel and alloy material. We understand the basic principles behind orbital tube welding may help our client arrive more rapidly at the optimum weld procedure for their specific application.

Weld head features Arc Voltage Control for precise arc gap control, programmable oscillation and a precision wire feeder and wire entry mechanics. All Model GFOS weld heads operate using the GTAW (TIG) process and will accommodate a range of pipe sizes from 0.75″ OD to 9″ OD (19 mm to 230 mm) and wall thicknesses up to 1” (25 mm).

Suitable for thin wall stainless steel, carbon steel and other common alloys
  • Automatic 360 degree TIG welding for tube and pipe welding with or without wire feed
  • Used for tube to tube, tube to flange, tube to elbow and tube to valve etc.
  • Water cooled and highly durable torch design
  • Mechanical tracking ensures consistent torch height control
  • Recommended Power Unit = PD400 380V/50Hz
  • Compact design for limited radial and axial clearances / can perform up to 1” wall thickness

Lambodar Global Engineering Pvt Ltd has implemented and applied proven orbital welding and fabrication techniques tailored to the ever increasing demands of the Pharmaceuticals, Semiconductor, medical, Aerospace, Vacuum and Instrumentation Industries.

Orbital Welding is Automatic Tungsten inert gas welding. It eliminates chances of manual errors in welding. It produces identical welds for hundreds of times hence accuracy in welding

Orbital Welding Process

Before aligning tube or pipe ends, they first need to be cut. Orbital saws rotate evenly around the piece, creating a clean and even cut. This is commonly used on sanitary tubing and small thin-walled pipe.

For larger applications, use a clamshell to cut (and even bevel) through large pipe. A sturdy blade will part even the toughest pipe to get it ready for welds.

If you do not have a clamshell, a band saw can be used.

Face or Bevel

Tube and thin-walled pipe : After cutting, use a tube facing tool to get rid of burrs and other imperfections. Though it is often overlooked, creating a perfect alignment is an important part of creating a good weld, in both orbital and hand welding. Burrs in welds can create a space for bacteria to build and contaminate in the future.

Pipe : Use a portable pipe beveling tool before orbital pipe welding. A bevel is needed to create full penetration on heavy walled pipe. Though there are several types of bevels, a “J-prep” is one of the most common for this type of automated welding. Filler wire is later added during the weld to make up for the missing material.

Importance of Orbital Welding Equipment

There are many reasons for using orbital welding equipment. The ability to make high quality, consistent welds repeatedly at a speed close to the maximum weld speed offer many benefits to the user.

Orbital Welding guarantees
  • Increased Speed and Process Efficiency
  • Weld Quality - Accuracy and Consistency
  • Weld Repeatability
  • Weld Cleanliness
  • Versatility for Unique Applications - such as a piece unable to be rotated, that has poor visibility, or is in a hard to reach area
  • Weld Documentation and History
Orbital Welding Prevents
  • Poor Penetration
  • Lack of Fusion
  • Poor Purging Techniques
Industries and Applications for Orbital Welding
Sanitary Tubing
  • Tube to Tube
  • Tube to Fitting
  • Fitting to Fitting
  • Pipe to Pipe
  • Pipe to Fitting
  • Exotic Alloy Application
  • Tube to Tube Sheet
  • verlay Applications
  • Semiconductor
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Electronics
  • Cosmetic
  • Food & Dairy Processing
  • Breweries & Wineries
  • Chemical
  • Aerospace

We undertake turnkey orbital welding jobs with supply of world class fittings and tubing/piping. We also undertake subcontracting jobs for orbital welding.

The welding machines are microprocessor based with weld documentation facility. We have 30 well trained orbital welders with vast experience. So far we have installed around 300 kilometers of tubing with orbital welding. More machines are available on requirement. We used only genuine electrodes/consumables as specified by manufacturer so that quality of the weld will be identical. All the support equipments like tube facing machines, flow measurement devices etc. are from world class manufactures.

Please write to us for any of your orbital welding requirement. We will be happy to find a solution for your Job.