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“Purity requirements and gas properties require different methods for the purification of industrial gases”

Gas purification plays a critical role in different industrial sectors where high purity gas is required. Some applications that require gas purification include semiconductor manufacturing and medical applications.

MOFs are the most recently developed porous materials; they are hybrid materials with super high surface areas and tunable surface chemistry that allow increased selectivity. In adsorption separations with MOF materials, gas adsorption processes are improved by framework flexibility and chemical interaction. In some cases, MOFs can perform structural transformations-like gate opening for selective separation.

Key points
  • Comparison of different separation processes
  • MOF specific properties
  • Benefits of MOFs for hydrocarbon separation
  • Benefits of MOFs for hydrocarbon

Lambodar Global Engineering Pvt Ltd is continuously in process to innovate and upgrade the GAS PURIFICATION CONCEPT by using advanced technology, our innovative gas micro contamination control products effectively remove gaseous contaminants with high reliability, low cost, and high performance. Stand-alone gas purification systems offer in-situ regeneration with advanced control to meet your specifications. Our vast portfolio of gas purifiers and environmentally-friendly systems are designed to improve gas consistency, lifetime, and outlet purity.

Gas Purification Technology

Industrial gases are critical for a wide range of applications throughout the chemical process industries. In most cases, industrial gases are produced to a particular purity specification, which means they may contain only a limited quantity of contaminants. For many applications, the gases provided by suppliers may not meet process specifications for a given process, meaning that the gas would require purification to further reduce contaminants. An improved understanding of industrial gas generation, storage and separation can help with the selection of the gas purification technology that meets process needs. A number of key considerations can have an impact on the type of gas purifier selected. These include the following: the production method for the gas supply; the purity of the gas source; how the gas source is packaged; the species of impurity molecules to be removed and the expected purity; as well as media selection, media capacity, space velocity, package design and shipping requirements. This article discusses the production of industrial gases with respect to methods of purification, storage, safety and shipping.

Many methods of gas generation exist, but for this article, we will mostly consider the physical separation of components (such as nitrogen from air or hydrogen from natural gas), rather than generation of gases via chemical reactions. Reactions generate gases such as ammonia, using the Haber-Bosch process. Other reactions create gases such as NO, SiH4, PH3, and so on, which are commonly used in the electronics industry.

Gas purification panel is used to remove the impurities i.e. Moisture, CO, CO2, Hydrocarbon and oxygen from carrier gas fuel gas and oxidant line.