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Gas Distribution (Gas Handling) System Supplier, Installer

We, Lambodar Global Engineering Pvt Ltd, incorporated as a Private Limited Company on 31-01-2019, is recognized as a STARTUP by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade under the goal of Startup India to development and innovation of products and services and increasing the employment rate in India. Also, we are an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company strictly followed the Quality Management System mechanism and a perfect quality assurance system have laid a solid foundation for the company's development and growth.

Lambodar Global Engineering has designed developed the Gas Distribution Systems to ensure that the correct amount and pressure of gas reaches from Production sites to Processing plant, storage facilities and prevent any hazardous leaks in the process.

Lambodar Global Engineering understand the Functional aspects, Safety aspects, Quality aspects while delivery and distribution of gases. Ensuring the safe and efficient transport of this essential resource requires an extensive network of pipelines and equipment such as gas pipelines, pressure regulators, Gas distribution panels, Switchover systems, manifold systems and precious valve systems.

A gas distribution system, also known as a natural gas distribution system, is a network of pipelines that transports natural gas, this includes the installation of pipelines, which typically transport the gas from production sites to processing plants and storage facilities. Additionally, there must be specialized equipment to regulate and control the flow of the gas itself.

Considering the importance of Gas Distribution Systems and it’s an extensive network of pipelines and require equipment Lambodar Global Engineering Pvt Ltd has developed special induction piping systems, special designed with a fully automated valve systems, pressure regulators, Gas distribution panels, Switchover systems, manifold systems.

Design Features
  • Design allows convenient access to all whole gas systems & components.
  • Provide a continuous, uninterrupted supply of gas.
  • Control gas delivery from cylinders within a centralized distribution system providing safer and more efficient delivery of gas with the flexibility to address customized applications.
  • Optional features allow customized system design for specific gas delivery applications.
  • Cost effective to implement and install.
  • Switchover regulator knob indicates cylinder- bank priority.
  • Utilizes Matheson's single body Switchover Regulator.
  • Available control features include: pressure regulation and indicating pressure switches.
  • Provides automated switchover control and gas delivery for two cylinders.
  • Utilizes Matheson's single body Switchover Regulator.
  • Compact design minimizes wall space consumption.
  • Relief valve upstream of line regulator acts like an inter-stage relief valve.

Lambodar's Gas distribution system provides many benefits to consumers, businesses, and the overall economy. By providing a reliable, cost-effective, and versatile source of energy, the gas distribution system plays a critical role in promoting energy security, economic development, and environmental sustainability.

Gas distribution systems are an integral part of our daily lives, delivering gas to businesses across the country. They form an important part of modern infrastructure, enabling the safe and efficient delivery of natural gas products with minimal environmental impact.